DCMC Platform for Mahou San Miguel

Internal platform for Mahou San Miguel for the monitoring, evaluation and assessment of the company’s commercial actions. Developed and designed in-house following a brand briefing, it allows to upload commercial initiatives, download campaign and customer files with specific information, make searches and, through filters, analyze the viability of the actions according to parameters and other

There are many consumer brands that record and photograph their brand activations and experiences generating a significant volume of corporate photo and video material that can be very useful for parallel actions. Solán de Cabras communicated to us the need to order and classify his photo and video file. That is why the digital team

Auser-Renault is the organization that leads the distribution and marketing in Spain of Renault, one of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers. 2020 has been the year of the great launch of new Renault Captur model, and Tandem Projects has been in charge of preparing the brand’s activation campaign to generate awareness of the new model,