About Tandem Projects

We form a great Tandem with our clients. Pedaling together, as partners, we share the objectives of each project. 

Our team is specialised in the organization and production of unique events, efficient communication and innovative web development. Our experience is based on the organisation of more than 150 events, infinite communication campaigns and more than 200 technological solutions. 

We were born in 2016, we have digital DNA and clear principles: customer service and strong commitment.

Since then, we have made great strides based on the expertise, experience and honesty of the entire team. We have become specialists in satisfying the needs of our clients, both major brands and our local customers, as well as in implementing actions that they would have previously considered to be impossible.

Achieving success in a project is like riding a tandem: To keep your balance and reach the finish line you must always pedal… as a team!


Guillem Franquesa

Roger Melcior

Elena Gómez

Cristina Font

Núria Carmona

Aina Roca

Pau Vázquez

Pepe Reis

Montse Giol

Patricia Ulldemolins

Óscar Rosés

Sara Buqueras

Àlex Casanova

Ivet García

Roger Alonso

Diego Pascual

Marc Prat

Maria Vallès

Ferran Carreras

Oscar Lajara

Aida Marquez

Raúl Santos

Joan Garcia

Oriol Duarri