Xuan Lan Yoga Capsules

The macro influencer Xuan Lan, a person of great media impact, is the focus of Solán de Cabras’ campaign to create an experience from branded content focused on Yoga and the clear positioning of the brand in premium lifestyle. The focus of the project has been to generate brand image, highlight the brand’s commitment to

“Women’s Race” Aftermovie

Carrera de la Mujer (Women’s Race) is the most important women’s running event in Europe. A sporting experience, held in 8 Spanish cities, focused on running, and which allocates part of the registration fee to the fight against cancer. Tandem Projects has been the official audiovisual agency in charge of capturing the activation of the

There are many consumer brands that record and photograph their brand activations and experiences generating a significant volume of corporate photo and video material that can be very useful for parallel actions. Solán de Cabras communicated to us the need to order and classify his photo and video file. That is why the digital team