Client: La Brava

“Moments” La Brava – Spot 2019

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La Brava is a 100% natural beer, born and inspired by the region La Costa Brava, in Catalonia. La Brava is a growing company with a distinctive and inspiring brand identity and a tempting product who entrusted us with an ambitious project to create and produce its corporate spot for 2019.

Consumer trends bring us closer to the artisan and local product, which we capture in the spot. And La Brava wants to grow and get closer to its customers. Therefore, we suggested that the spot should follow the following basis:

  • Proximity:  to bring the brand closer to the customer, who will be part of the spot.
  • Culture and family: Values and product applicable to local culture and expandable worldwide.
  • Transparency: The transparent process from manufacturing to tasting and product consumption.

A brand content that transmits proximity, emotion and tenderness to remember the great moments lived with beer in the hand.

Produced with a tasty recipe, in which we inspired our audiovisual piece, La Brava is a beer with a fermentation 3 times higher than those of the big brands. This is how we prepared the 2019 spot, commissioned to our agency. With an exquisite pre-production, curing the ingredients, the processes, showing love for the product, and focusing on the taste and the image: in tandem with La Brava.